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All About Me


Here's the bio that you'll find on the inside of my book:

Christine Webb is a teacher from Kalamazoo, Michigan. When she’s not writing, she enjoys hanging out with her zoo (three goofy dogs, an evil cat, twenty nameless pigeons, and a friendly rat) or traveling with her husband. She also
loves studying British history and laments the fact that she will never be Queen. 

Here are ten facts about me that you won't find inside my book:

1. I bred rats in college and sold them as pets. I once had thirteen living in my dorm room at once.

2. My roommate from college is still friends with me (I'm not sure why - see #1).

3. My British grandma owns part of an old insane asylum in England, and I got to go visit. It seemed minimally haunted.

4. My favorite tea is Mango Ceylon. Closely followed by Blueberry Rooibos. I always drink tea when I write.

5. I once got in a bike crash in Ireland.

6. My favorite song is "Mmmbop" by Hanson.

7. I once taught in a Spanish immersion kindergarten (turns out I'm not great at Spanish. Or kindergarteners).

8. I can't stand sushi.

9. I played clarinet as a kid, but my toddler sister peed on my book during a long game of hide and seek, and I refused to practice after that.

10. Three of my teeth are fake.

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